Thailand vegetarian festival - Kin Jay

What is exactly Kin Jay?

As you all know, Kin Jay or the Vegetarian Festival 2014 has started this week, on 23rd September. It will last 10 days, until the 3rd November and a large part of the population looks involved. Indeed, so many restaurants, street vendors as well as supermarkets fly the yellow flag, symbol of this festival, promising to offer some vegetarian dishes made of vegetables, fruits, tofu and spices.

But what is the vegetarian festival exactly about?
This festival, coming from China, pay homage to the nine Taoist emperor gods. It is famous in several Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar or Singapore. The idea is to purify both, body and mind. During this 10days festival, people that are really committed will honor the Gods participating in shows, performances and parades. Thus, China Town, the heart of this festival, is fully decorated with yellow flags, banners and lights.

Thailand vegetarian festival - Kin Jay

Thailand vegetarian festival – Kin Jay

Moreover, several rules are traditionally followed:
– To eat vegetarian food only and avoid smelling food such as garlic.
– To cook with new utensils, never used to prepare non vegetarian food.
– To wear white or yellow clothes only.
– To refrain from alcohol.
– To refrain from drugs.
– To refrain from sex.
However, you cannot participate to this festival if in mourning or if pregnant or menstruating, in case you are a woman.

For people who are not really into this kind of event, still, this festival is the opportunity to learn more about Chinese people and culture while discovering vegetarian food.
So enjoy Kin Jay 2014 and see you in China Town!