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The Story of Thailand

What are you going to tell your friends when you come back from an exciting trip through Thailand? Will it be about the tasty food, impressive temples, the welcoming Thai, quiet nature or about found a new you after a meditation session? Thailand is not one story, the divers country has a bunch of stories to tell, that’s why people are coming back year after year.

Mountain cliffs, white sandy beaches, adventurous jungle

Make a journey and explore the secrets of this fascinating country. Most likely you will start with a flight. Bangkok is definitely a major hub of Asia, easily accessible and the gateway to Indo-China. The geographically beneficial location is not the only reason why the country became a frequently visited destination. It is also the country itself with a stunning nature and impressive sceneries, demanding for visitors to see it. Whether you are searching for the rigid mountains, dense jungle or sunny beaches, Thailand has it.

Five senses

Hear the birds whistling in the forests and listen to the clattering sounds of a waterfall.

Feel the rough skin of an elephant and enjoy the sun heat on your skin.

See the trembling festivals full of diver’s people and set your eyes on a smiling Thai.

Taste the tropical fruits you have never seen before and drink a Thai ice tea.

Smell Asia with its colorful flowers and freshly roasted chicken skewers.

Smiling Thai

As time passes you will meet the real Thai, an authentic culture with precious norms and values as displayed (amongst others) by the Buddhism. One of these values is their open and welcoming spirit towards foreigners visiting Thailand. Therefore they will always try to help you when you have some difficulties understanding Thai or finding your way. There are exceptions, some vendors try to convince you to buy one of their goods in an aggressive way but do look a little further and you will see that the myth is true, Thai are smiling all the time.

Unique activities

‘What are you going to do?’ Well it might be better to ask the reverse question: ‘What aren’t you going to do?’ Unique is the beach inviting you for some fun jet skiing for example or diving to see the fishes in the blue ocean. The idyllic beaches are also the place for a romantic beach wedding, have a look on for some inspiration. The delicious Thai cuisine is definitely a worth a try, fried noodles (Pad Thai), fresh coconuts, spicy curries and papaya salad (Sum Tom). Come back as the new you, physically after a medical wellness treatment, massage or tattoo but mentally for sure, full with new ideas and energy after experiencing the richness of Thailand. What story are you doing to tell?

Stunning ancient temples, all over the country.

Stunning ancient temples, all over the country.

Sukhothai Cultural Dance

Traditional dances of Thai woman, interesting to see

Meditation at Koh Yao

Meditation at Paradise Koh Yao resort, Zen..