Thailand Boutique Awards 2014-2015

SERENATA is consistently performing in Eco Tourism and preserving the culture and heritage of Thailand. On this special occasion, SERENATA hotels had won the two Thailand boutique awards for this year 2014-2015.

  • Hmong Hilltribe Lodge – Community Award
  • The FloatHouse River Kwai Resort – Riverside Boutique Award

Proudly SERENATA is standing as outstanding in Thailand Hotels. As per Thailand Boutique Awards – Special Award, Outstanding Awards may be considered as deemed appropriate. Celebrating this occasion with you, SERENATA is offering value deals on our respected Hotels and Resorts.

thailand boutique awards 2014-2015
Thailand boutique awards 2014-2015

Hmong HillTribe Lodge – A community of Hmong is taking care of your Accommodation, Food, Dine, Travel and Tours in Chiang Mai. A place were Hmong culture is established from the ancient time. SERENATA is given you a chance to visit this cultural place. Experience the serene of nature in the mountain valley, and demonstration of Hmong dance. Enjoy the Food and Dine with BBQ service and a camp fire outside the cottage and inside too. Book this place and enjoy this spectacular view of Chiang Mai. Read more.

Hmong Hilltribe Lodge,Chiang Mai
Hmong Hilltribe Lodge,Chiang Mai

The FloatHouse River Kwai – Amazing Thailand Luxury River treat. This place is in Kanchanaburi. The floating hotel is made from bamboos, equipped with all the facilities for your accommodation. The real beauty of jungle and mountains has given a stunning view and relaxed holidays in Thailand. Along with this you have a chance to visit the river Kwai Bridge, water falls of Kanchanburi and the famous Lawa Cave. Also for adventure in Thailand, you can do tracking, river swimming, canoeing and more.

The FloatHouse River Kwai
The FloatHouse River Kwai,Kanchanaburi

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