Practical fact about Royal Projects

Royal Projects is Project from King Bhumiphul. Because he knew about local tribal in Chiangmai. They plant a opium for business. King Bhumiphul give a knowledge about farming to local tribal and institute agricultural station for research and develop about farming it’s begin to Royal Projects and they have products from royal project. They can make money from farming product instead of a opium. You can also know more about Royal Project while Touring around Thailand.

  1. Royal Project have 38 stations


Photo by: hrdi.or.th

Royal Project Foundations including royal agricultural stations have 38 stations. They are in Chiangmai , Chiangrai , Meahongsorn , Lamphun , Lampang and payao. They research and develop product follow local community such as in Chiangmai they emphasize about winter plant , Coffee beans and including Tourism

  1. The first Royal Project is Suan Song San at Doi Pui agricultural stations.


The First Royal Project beginning from  Doi Pui agricultural station, Kasertsart University in 1969. King Bhumipol going to Doi Pui and he know about local tribal plant a opium for transact.Other than they harvest local peach. Local Peach make money like a opium. King Bhumipol know about Doi Pui agricultural stations can graft between big peach and local peach. Doi Pui agricultural stations research peach type for develop to big peach and make money like a opium. King Bhumipol give 200,000 bath to Kasetsart University to buy estate for research about winter plant because Doi Pui agricultural stations to small. After that King Bhumiphol  graciously to institute First Royal project

  1. Strawberry Type 80


Photo by: ThaiRoyalProject

Strawberry type 80 is type from Royal Project and develop for people. Strawberry type 80 it develop from import 40 type of strawberry. They experiment and develop to Strawberry type 16 and give to people for make money and continue develop to type 80

  1. From agricultural stations to Mon Cham


Photo credit: ChillPaiNai

Mon Cham is popular destination in Chinagmai but anyone know about them. Before Mon Cham  it is one part of Nong Hoi agricultural station. The begin of Nong hoi Royal Project is King Bhumipol seeing abour Hmong around here plant a opium and make mobile plantation. He graciously to institute Nong Hoi Royal project for give a knowledge and develop agriculture to Hmomg people. After that Royal Project Foundation develop Mon Cham to be Camping resort for tourism and now Mon Cham have a lot of Flower plant , canteen and coffee shop.

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