Western Thailand

Kanchanaburi – Western Thailand.

What about Kanchanaburi ?

There are 76 provinces in Thailand. Kanchanaburi is located in the west part of the country, just next Myanmar. This is the third largest province of Thailand as it covers a surface area of 19,480 km2 and is occupied by about 735,000 inhabitants. This region, strikingly beautiful, offers landscapes very different from one to another: hills covered by forests, deep valleys where the Kwai River Noi and the Kwai Yai are flowing, waterfalls and caves… Without forgetting all the historical sites present in the area.


Kanchanaburi – Thailand.

The capital of the province is the city of the same name, Kanchanaburi.  The famous bridge on the River Kwai and two museums, the Thailand-Burma Railway Museum and the JEATH War Museum are all located in this city. The Death Railway and a cemetery of the World War II are also situated in Kanchanaburi.

What makes today’s celebrity of the city is actually a terrible story. For geopolitical reasons, Japan has decided to link the city of Ban Pong in Thailand to Thanbyuzayat in Burma by a railway line of 250 miles. The construction was completed by prisoners of war (POWs) and Asian slaves. The project started in October 1942 and was completed in 16 months; instead of the 5 years initially planned by the Japanese. Many men lost their lives during this project, mainly because of the working conditions they were confronted with.

The two museums and the war cemetery of Kanchanaburi cover the entire story and honor POWs. Nowadays, a festival is organized every year to commemorate the destruction of the original bridge, which was destroyed in November 28, 1944.

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