The cosy beach town Hua Hin


Hua Hin is an authentic beach destination, not yet overwhelmed by tourists, located about a three hours’ drive South of Bangkok. On the beach and sea of Hua Hin are sportive activities being practiced with on the seafront promenade numerous high quality seafood restaurants. Furthermore there are several local markets and architectural buildings including temples and huge palaces of the king. Adrenalin is assured in one of the water parks or take it easy during a walk through one of the nature parks full of secrets… Where do you start?



Hua Hin is fortunate to have a favorable climate and location whereas it’s easily accessible from Bangkok and located next to the sea. Seasons in Hua Hin are the cool (dry), hot and rainy season though many western tourists will experience it as being warm, hotter and the hottest. The cool season is roughly from November to February with average temperatures of 26 degrees. Tides are high and there is a refreshing breeze once in a while. From March to June it will get warmer in the region, with temperatures of approximately 29 degrees and peaks of 35 degrees and more. The rainy season lasts from July to October, temperatures drop a little especially in the mornings and evenings and sporadic rain showers irrigate the land. Compared to other parts in Thailand, Hua Hin is receiving the lowest amount of rain.



The unique area around Hua Hin has a lot to offer and remained likewise a peaceful destination whereas other beach destinations can be overwhelmed with tourists. The beauty of the pure nature is still visible by its white and sandy beaches, nature parks, caves and waterfalls. With the proximity of the beach a lot of exciting activities come along like horse riding and kite boarding. Besides the ATV park is close by, ideal for adventures types who would like to race on a squad, shoot in a paintball game or with arches.


Hua Hin is a top location for golf fans, the best golf places are located in the area with well-maintained fields for low prices. Every year one of Thailand’s  biggest golf events takes place in Hua Hin with around ten participating golf clubs.



The resort is named after the city Hua Hin which literally means ‘head rock’. The predestine beach is however not facing any no rocks, stretching along the coast for about five miles. Near the beach are many cozy seafood restaurants located. The Rock is situated nearby Bangkok, it will take guests about a three hours’ drive in a South-West direction. The favorable location of The Rock provides a tranquil environment on one hand and on the other hand it’s just ten minutes away from the city Hua Hin.



The Rock, located less than three hours from Bangkok, is a stylish beach resort and got newly renovated. The intimate and elegant resort is featuring a unique swimming pool with view upon the sea. The spacious rooms, suites and villa’s are showing off with a very cozy and modern interior in an environment of white beaches and cozy villages. Have a look at: