Northern Thailand

The nature is regions pride with stunning mountain sides, national parks featuring beautiful waterfalls. Visitors are encouraged to go water rafting, biking, ride on an elephant, or start trekking through the nature sights and Hilltribe villages. Far from a Western civilization are local hilltribes in secluded villages with their own traditions and clothing. Guests can, for example, meet the Lanna culture in Lampang or Hmong culture in Chiang Mai. The ancient cultures carry many stories along which is also reflected in the ancient temples of the UNESCO World heritage site in Sukhothai. A modern temple, called the White Temple, can be admired in Chiang Rai. Lastly there is Lampang which is a little Thai town with old horse carriages and tasteful local dishes. The lower temperatures in the mountain ranges makes the North of Thailand a pleasure to visit, all year long.