Celebrate Songkran in Bangkok

The Songkran Festival has been a longstanding tradition of merit-making, respecting your elders and cleaning your house, oh and the enormous water fights that change the whole country in a light hearted field of war in which everyone joins for the festivities. Whether you are a little kid, an older tourist or anything in-between, you will not be able to avoid the buckets of water flying around.  Enjoy Songkran in Bangkok!

Songkran Festival is the celebration of the Thai New Year. The New Year’s Day is on the 13th of April, but the celebrations include the 14th and 15th as well. The Festival is also celebrated differently in different parts of the country although the core of the festival stays the same. Many Thai will visit local temples and offer food to the Buddhist monks and another iconic ritual of this holiday is to pour water on Buddha statues. This represent purification and the washing away of one’s sins and bad luck.

temple songkran

So you have got the traditional side of Songkran and the modern and crazy part of it. However, who says that these two cannot be combined into one great fun and loving festival? The reason why Songkran is deemed as one of the best festivals in the world, is because of the fun loving attitude surrounding the holiday, with everyone joining in for the festivities

After this explanation of the Festival you are probably wondering, how do I join in on this madness? Well that is quite simple, just be in the city. The festivities will be going on everywhere around you with the main hubs of the festival being around Siam and Khao San Road. Khao San Road is seen as the more backpacker orientated point of the festival while Siam is the more modern part located next to the big shopping malls.

If you cannot wait for the festivities of Songkran, there is good news out there for you! Amazing Songkran Experience festival 2017 is an event that will take place 8-13th of april from 12:00 up to 20:00 hrs and shows the unique differences of Songkran throughout the country. The festival will be divided into 4 parts. Zone 1 will be focused on the more spiritual side of the festival, Zone 2 will be a collection of myths, rituals, culture and more surrounding Songkran and specific areas of Thailand, Zone 3 will be about the thing that Thailand truly does best, Food! And last but not least, Zone 4 will be the Amazing Songkran Main Stage which hosts many cultural performances and entertainment with an educational twist to it. All in all, this festival is a great way to start your Songkran in Bangkok, come and celebrate Songkran in Bangkok.

The Do’s and Don’ts during Songkran Festival in Bangkok

The Do’s

  • Do enjoy the festivities around you
  • Do dress accordingly
  • Do get a water gun and rain terror on everyone
  • Do make your belongings waterproof
  • Do wear swimwear under or above your clothes

The Don’ts

  • Don’t throw water at babies and the elderly
  • Don’t wear your fanciest clothes
  • Don’t just participate in the water fights, experience the traditions as well
  • Don’t dehydrate, drink water!
  • Don’t drink and drive, be safe out there

But the most important part of the festival is to join in with the locals and enjoy!