Northern Thailand Holidays in Chiang Rai


Chiang Rai, the little brother in the north Everyone that has been to Thailand know Chiang Mai, the big northern city which is adored by tourists, expats and backpackers alike. However, there is a smaller city up north which is called Chiang Rai. Albeit similar in name, it does have some distinct differences compared to Chiang Mai, the city is quite a bit smaller and has more of a Thai authenticity. First things first, how do you actually get to Chiang Rai. Well that part is actually quite simple, you can go by plane from Bangkok, or if you already happen to be in Chiang Mai, then you can just Continue reading Northern Thailand Holidays in Chiang Rai

A Warm Welcome to New Year 2017

new year 2017

In the few days the joy to the world is going to sing by all. 2016 could have been up’s and down for many of us. But these seasons let Christmas bring new smiles on your face. In Western, Christmas night bring everybody together and have a dinner with family.  Kids will have a present from Santa. But in Thailand isn’t like the western but we feel it is a happiness seasons too. And if you don’t have Ideas for activity we may suggest you what should you do on this Christmas

Practical fact about Royal Projects


Royal Projects is Project from King Bhumiphul. Because he knew about local tribal in Chiangmai. They plant a opium for business. King Bhumiphul give a knowledge about farming to local tribal and institute agricultural station for research and develop about farming it’s begin to Royal Projects and they have products from royal project. They can make money from farming product instead of a opium. You can also know more about Royal Project while Touring around Thailand.

5 things to do when you go to Chiang Rai


1. Go to Doi Mae Salong by Motorcycle Doi Mae Salong is a famous place at Chiang Rai. You can visit by a car but if you want to have a new experience. You can rent a motorcycle from a City and ride to Doi Mea Salong. From Chiang Rai to Doi Mea Salong it not far away just 40km. In Doi Mea Salong may find high mountain views. While at your visit you may try Yoonnan Food especially “strewed pork”. And you may visit Chui Fong Tea Farm. It’s so beautiful place with a good tea to be brewed.