Casual destination Elegance in Chiang Mai, North Thailand


Hmong Hilltribe Lodge is a year-round destination in a scenic valley of the Suthep-Pui mountain range, located in the Mae Rim district, north-west of Chiang Mai. You’ll be at the getaway with an elevation of 2,700 feet above mean sea level and the weather at Hmong Hilltribe Lodge is pleasantly mild and cool all year round, which will provide you with breathtaking views. This resort has served guests with true warmth hospitality and remains conveniences will ensure guests will be comfortable during stays.

Hmong Overview 01 Exterior 01 Hmong People 01Exterior 04 Spa 01 IMG_5009 IMG_6531 Interior 04 Balcony 02 Interior 08 Interior 01 IMG_6505 Swimming Pool 01 Swimming Pool 04 Restaurant 02