new year 2017

A Warm Welcome to New Year 2017

In the few days the joy to the world is going to sing by all. 2016 could have been up’s and down for many of us. But these seasons let Christmas bring new smiles on your face. In Western, Christmas night bring everybody together and have a dinner with family.  Kids will have a present from Santa. But in Thailand isn’t like the western but we feel it is a happiness seasons too. And if you don’t have Ideas for activity we may suggest you what should you do on this Christmas
Take a photo with Christmas tree and light garden
In Thailand, Everywhere you can see the decoration for Christmas Seasons, especially Christmas tree and decorate with lighting. It the top of place where you can go for take a photo? The famous place for Christmas Seasons in Bangkok is Central World.


Credit : เพจ Journey เจอนี่

To make merit,
Christmas Day in this year in weekend, Make a merit is good idea and temple in Bangkok have a beautiful and it is a famous place after make merit you will have a good snap for update on your facebook.


Teach for the blinds-
It’s a good idea and activity if you don’t have an idea to do something on your weekend. You can go to School for the blind (near victory monument) for teach the blind students. Even through you have to share happiness to other too.


Find something to eat
Christmas Seasons is a Happiness seasons and eating is happiness too. Many restaurants have a promotion for this seasons and in Bangkok have a lot of best food. Find something for eating is not bad Ideas for Christmas



Party on Christmas Eve night
Party in Bangkok is the famous thing for travelers. Christmas Eve night have a lot of places to join the fun. You can check on Facebook. Even have other activity such as Workshop till party on the club.