5 things to do when you go to Chiang Rai

1. Go to Doi Mae Salong by Motorcycle

Doi Mae Salong is a famous place at Chiang Rai. You can visit by a car but if you want to have a new experience. You can rent a motorcycle from a City and ride to Doi Mea Salong. From Chiang Rai to Doi Mea Salong it not far away just 40km. In Doi Mea Salong may find high mountain views. While at your visit you may try Yoonnan Food especially “strewed pork”. And you may visit Chui Fong Tea Farm. It’s so beautiful place with a good tea to be brewed.


2.  See Chiang Rai City View at Doi Khao Khwai Temple

Chiang Rai don’t have high building . if you want to see Chiang Rai City view you should go to Doi Khao Khwai temple. There not far away from city, just 3 km. You can ride bicycle go to over there. At Doi Khao Khwai you can see all of Chiang Rai City and Mountains around City.


3. Join Thai retro dance at Khon Muan Walking Street

Khon Muan street is a local walking street market. It not likes night bazaar. Khon Muan is a local language it’s mean Happy Person ( Khon mean Person and Muan mean Happy ) . Khon Muan Street have every Sunday night. they have a lot of local food and product and they have thai retro dance so you can join with theme


4. Have a dinner near Kok River

Do you want a romantic time? Chai naam Restaurant at the legend hotels and resort is the best choice for you. Other than a good place . Chai naam have a delicious food. They have a lot of choice for your special dinner like Thai style or northern style. And they serviced you with smile.


5. Trekking at Khun Gorn Waterfall

If you love trekking but not have a time for go far away. Near Chiang Rai City have one place for trekking in one day trip. Khun Gorn Waterfall is the best choice for shot trekking. The distance from start point to waterfall is 3 km. On the way, you will see a lot of trees and brooks. and when you arrives over there you will meet a highest waterfall in Chiang Rai.