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Travel with SERENATA. See the Unseen Thailand & Discover Thainess in 2017 with SERENATA Hotels and Resorts. Give yourself a luxury retreat and a very special experience with Thai varieties of accommodation in Thailand. Best holiday stay at Bangkok,Chiang Mai,Chiang Rai,Hua Hin,Ko Yao Island in Phuket–Phang Nga region, Lampang, Kanchanaburi and Sukhothai.


Vegetarian Festival 2017

From 20 to 28 of October, the vegetarian festival will be held in Thailand. The Tesagan Gin Je festival, also known as the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, is a religious event, originally from China. The story is that a Chinese Opera group came to Phuket to perform. When they fell ...
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Bangkok LK

Loi Krathong; the festival of light

On Friday November 3th, Loi Krathong is happening in Thailand. Loi Krathong is the festival of light. Loi means ‘float’ and krathong is the kind of lotus boat they use. The origin of the festival is unsure, some say it originated in Sukhothai, the old royal kingdom, others say it ...
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Picture 1

Thailand, the versatile holiday destination

Thailand is an immensely diverse country, especially from a tourism perspective. Whether you want city life, culture, history, or a relaxing beach holiday, Thailand has it all. This makes the country wildly famous for tourists all over the world and most probably why you are reading this as well. While ...
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Visakha Bucha

Visakha Bucha Day in 2017

Wednesday the 10th is Visakha Bucha Day. This day is the most important Buddhist holiday and celebrated by Buddhists all over the world. Visakha Bucha is also publicly recognized as a national holiday in countries with a large number of Buddhist inhabitants. The day commemorates the widely considered three biggest events ...
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Celebrate Songkran in Bangkok

The Songkran Festival has been a longstanding tradition of merit-making, respecting your elders and cleaning your house, oh and the enormous water fights that change the whole country in a light hearted field of war in which everyone joins for the festivities. Whether you are a little kid, an older ...
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Northern Thailand Holidays in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, the little brother in the north Everyone that has been to Thailand know Chiang Mai, the big northern city which is adored by tourists, expats and backpackers alike. However, there is a smaller city up north which is called Chiang Rai. Albeit similar in name, it does have some ...
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new year 2017

A Warm Welcome to New Year 2017

In the few days the joy to the world is going to sing by all. 2016 could have been up’s and down for many of us. But these seasons let Christmas bring new smiles on your face. In Western, Christmas night bring everybody together and have a dinner with family.  ...
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Practical fact about Royal Projects

Royal Projects is Project from King Bhumiphul. Because he knew about local tribal in Chiangmai. They plant a opium for business. King Bhumiphul give a knowledge about farming to local tribal and institute agricultural station for research and develop about farming it’s begin to Royal Projects and they have products ...
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5 things to do when you go to Chiang Rai

1. Go to Doi Mae Salong by Motorcycle Doi Mae Salong is a famous place at Chiang Rai. You can visit by a car but if you want to have a new experience. You can rent a motorcycle from a City and ride to Doi Mea Salong. From Chiang Rai to ...
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Picture by River Kwai Jungle Rafts

Care about future – sustainability at the River Kwai Jungle Rafts

Since 1976 are the Jungle Rafts giving a warm welcome to all its visitors, floating on the river Kwai in Kanchanaburi. It’s a true discovery to sleep in the middle of the jungle, next to the legendary river Kwai, local Mon village, gigantic elephants and impressive canyons. Far away from ...
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James Bond Island

James Bond Island: Named After “The Man with the Golden Gun” arrived at Thailand.

TV spot of 1974: “James Bond on the job. The girls are willing. The pace is killing. You'll meet old friends and new enemies. The action is spectacular reaching a new high for 007. Don't miss Roger Moore in The Man With The Golden Gun.” It’s the 9th James Bond film ...
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THAI buddhist-temple

Tips, do’s & don’ts for your first visit to a Thai Buddhist temple

Thailand’s stunning temple’s are undoubtedly one of the highlights of your journey trough the divers country. What are de do’s and don’ts for a visit of a Thai temple? Read more about the customs, traditions and (unwritten) rules of the Buddhist temples in Thailand.  1.         Take it easy Make sure you take ...
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Bangkok Loy krathong festival at Chula.jpg

The Story of Thailand

What are you going to tell your friends when you come back from an exciting trip through Thailand? Will it be about the tasty food, impressive temples, the welcoming Thai, quiet nature or about found a new you after a meditation session? Thailand is not one story, the divers country ...
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New Logo of Paradise @ Koh Yao Noi Island.

Koh Yao New Renovated Island Resort.

Recently, whole resort is been renovated on the Koh Yao Island. A complete new look with its charming colors and decor. The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort is now known as "PARADISE @ KOH YAO". Here is the new Logo of the Resort - New Logo of Paradise @ ...
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thailand boutique awards 2014-2015

Thailand Boutique Awards 2014-2015

SERENATA is consistently performing in Eco Tourism and preserving the culture and heritage of Thailand. On this special occasion, SERENATA hotels had won the two Thailand boutique awards for this year 2014-2015. Hmong Hilltribe Lodge – Community Award The FloatHouse River Kwai Resort – Riverside Boutique Award Proudly SERENATA is ...
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Lanna Cottage of Lampang City

Lampang city

The city of Lampang, the third largest one in north Thailand, is the capital of the province of the same name. It is precisely located in the valley of the Wang River, a major tributary of Chao Phraya River. Thus, it is bordered by two ranges of mountains: Khun Tan ...
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Hmong Hilltribe Lodge,Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai city

Chiang Mai city is the capital of the Chiang Mai province and the largest city in north Thailand. The city is located near the Ping River, an important tributary of the Chao Phraya River. Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 and became the capital of the Lanna Kingdom, succeeding to ...
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Thailand vegetarian festival - Kin Jay

What is exactly Kin Jay?

As you all know, Kin Jay or the Vegetarian Festival 2014 has started this week, on 23rd September. It will last 10 days, until the 3rd November and a large part of the population looks involved. Indeed, so many restaurants, street vendors as well as supermarkets fly the yellow flag, ...
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Floating Restaurant 02

Week end in Kanchanaburi

Read in ENGLISH Kanchanaburi, l’une des provinces les plus grandes de Thaïlande, est l’endroit idéal pour se couper du monde et faire un break avec la vie quotidienne. A seulement quelques heures à l’ouest de la capitale, Kanchanaburi est une immersion complète en pleine nature. Cette province, ne se contente pas ...
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Semi-Marathon International River Kwai 2014 – 33e édition

La 33e édition du Semi-Marathon International de la Rivière Kwai aura lieu dans la province de Kanchanaburi, le 14 septembre 2014 à 6h du matin.  (more…) ...
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Siam Ocean World – Bangkok

Siam Ocean World est le plus grand aquarium d’Asie du sud-est et il se situe ici, à Bangkok ! A Siam Ocean World, les visiteurs ont la possibilité d’observer plus de 30 000 créatures aquatiques différentes venant du monde entier. L’aquarium est divisé en 7 zones, ayant chacune sa spécificité. (more…) ...
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Les fruits les plus populaires en Thaïlande

ENGLISH En marchant dans la rue, peu importe le jour de la semaine ou l’heure qu’il est, vous tomberez toujours sur de petits commerçants itinérants ayant des fruits sur son étal. Le plus souvent ils vous proposent même de vous l’éplucher et de le découper pour que vous puissiez le déguster ...
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Lumpini Park – Bangkok

English Le parc Lumpini est l’endroit idéal à Bangkok pour faire un break et profiter des nombreuses activités dont dispose le parc. Avec plus d’un demi-million de kilomètres carré, le parc propose une multitude d’espace ou se reposer et se détendre. Lumpini, c’est une grande variété de faune et de flore ...
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Museum National de Thaïlande

English Le muséum National de Thaïlande est l’un des musées les plus significatifs sur l’histoire et la culture Thaïlandaise. Situé à Bangkok, il est le musée le plus grand d’Asie du sud-est. De façon plus précise, le Museum National a pris place dans le palace qui avait été construit pour le ...
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10 faits intéressants à propos de la Thaïlande

English - La Thaïlande était encore appelée Royaume de Siam jusqu’au 23 Juin 1939. - La Thaïlande est le seul pays d’Asie du Sud-est n’ayant pas été colonisé par les Européens. - La Thaïlande est reconnue comme l’un des pays les plus accueillants du monde. En effet, cela pourrait expliquer le surnom qu’on ...
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Tout ce qu’il y a à savoir sur la langue Thaï

ENGLISH Un peu d’Histoire Le Thaï est la langue nationale et officielle de la Thaïlande. Il semblerait qu’elle provienne d’un endroit près du Vietnam et de la Chine. La langue Thaï est lié à d’autres langues, notamment celles parlées dans l’est de la Birmanie, au nord du Vietnam, à Yunnan et au ...
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Les desserts Thaïs

La Thaïlande est un pays très réputé pour sa cuisine, aussi riche que délicieuse. Mais nous ne parlons pas souvent des desserts et petites douceurs qu’elle propose… Les mets sucrés sont très nombreux et se déclinent sous plusieurs variantes. Un même dessert pourra vous être servi différemment suivant ce que ...
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CONCOURS PHOTO Hintok Camp @ Hellfire Pass

Pendant le mois de juillet, Hintok River Camp vous donne l’opportunité de montrer vos talents artistiques ! Parmi vos photos de Hintok River Camp ou de Hellfire Pass, choisissez la meilleure et partagez-la sur Facebook ! Originale, drôle, romantique… Peu importe ! Nous voulons être surpris ! La photo qui obtiendra le ...
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The Siam Niramit Show

‘Une représentation spectaculaire sur la culture et l’art Thaï !’ A propos du spectacle Le spectacle Siam Niramit regroupe plus d’une centaine d’artistes au talent indéniable. La scène, aussi impressionnante que l’auditorium en lui-même, accueille des décors incroyables de par leur originalité, leur précision et leur beauté. L’ensemble de la troupe ...
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Khao San Road

Khao San Road or Khaosan Road est une rue populaire située dans le quartier Phra Nakhon à Bangkok, près du Grand Palace et de Wat Phra Kaew. La rue est appelée Khao San Road, ce qui signifie « riz blanchi », soulignant la présence, des dizaines d’années auparavant, de l’un ...
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La Tour Baiyoke, Bangkok.

La tour Baiyoke est le plus haut bâtiment de Bangkok, soit 309m. Cette tour est située dans le quartier de Pratunam. Dans cette tour « tout en un », de nombreuses activités sont possibles. Le dernier étage offre notamment un bar à ciel ouvert permettant de bénéficier d’une vue imprenable ...
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Les meilleurs sites touristiques de Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi est une très bonne destination pour passer le week-end. Ce n’est pas très loin de Bangkok et on y trouve des sites touristiques intéressants et de très beaux paysages. Le pont de la rivière Kwai est l’un des sites touristiques les plus visités de Kanchanaburi. Construit par des prisonniers ...
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Erawan Waterfalls

« Les plus belles chutes d’eau du pays » Située dans le Parc National Erawan, à environ 70km de la ville de Kanchanaburi, ces chutes d’eau sont en fait une impressionnante série de 7 cascades. Il faut compter environ 2km de marche du bas de la cascade jusqu’en haut. On peut ...
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Les Voies du Destin (The Railway Man)

Les Voies du Destin ou The Railway Man est un film de guerre réalisé par Jonathan Teplitzky avec les acteurs Colin Firth et Nicole Kidman dans les rôles d’Éric et Patti Lomax, les personnages principaux. Ce film est inspiré d’une histoire vraie; celle d’un officier dans l’armée anglaise, Éric Lomax, capturé ...
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Où séjourner à Bkk?

Il est difficile de déterminer le meilleur endroit pour séjourner à Bangkok, d’autant plus que cela est subjectif et dépend de ce qui vous intéresse et de ce que vous avez prévu de faire dans la capitale. Simplement, certains quartiers de la ville sont inévitables. Tout d’abord, il y a ...
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5 hôtels Thailandais haut de gamme et éco-responsables.

5 Luxury, Nature Friendly, Hotels in Thailand. RIVER KWAI JUNGLE RAFTS Accessible uniquement après un court trajet en bateau offrant des paysages magnifiques, le River Kwai Jungle Rafts est un véritable hôtel flottant. Avec son concept « ecolodge », il s’est placé en tête dans le monde de l'écotourisme et a remporté ...
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Les meilleurs parcs de Bangkok

Bangkok, cette ville aux nombreux gratte-ciels, centres commerciaux et à la circulation chargée, regorge également de parcs, jardins et espaces verts. De manière générale, ces espaces sont grands, bien entretenus et propres. Beaucoup sont agréables, assurent un cadre sympathique, de l’ombre et de l’air frais : idéal pour se détendre ...
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Les meilleurs marchés de Bangkok

Les marchés de Bangkok et des environs sont nombreux et offrent tous une expérience surprenante et fascinante. Comparés aux centres commerciaux climatisés, il fait parfois très chaud et moite parmi ces allées et ces allées de stands en tout genre. Mais cela est bien plus représentatif du pays et beaucoup ...
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5 Luxury, Nature Friendly, Hotels in Thailand.

5 Luxury, Nature Friendly, Hotels in Thailand. 1. RIVER KWAI JUNGLE RAFTS Accessible only by a short ride on a long-tailed boat through beautiful scenery, The River Kwai Jungle Rafts is a true floating hotel. With its ecolodge concept, it has made top ecotourism listings and won several theme and nature ...
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Sortie shopping à Bangkok !

À Bangkok, le shopping n’a pas de limite. La ville compte un nombre invraisemblable de centres commerciaux, de grands magasins, de boutiques et de marchés, des endroits tous aussi différents les uns des autres; il y en a pour tous les styles et tous les budgets. Chaque centre commercial est spécialisé ...
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À la découverte de la cuisine Thaï

Bangkok regorge d’endroits où il est possible de se laisser tenter par la cuisine traditionnelle Thaï. Pendant que de nombreux restaurants vous invitent à déguster de la cuisine Thaï et Internationale, des stands de nourriture installés sur les trottoirs fleurissent et envahissent les rues de la ville, pour le plaisir de tous. Ces ...
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River Kwai Floating Resorts

Thailand Holidays to Bangkok & River Kwai – Kanchanaburi.

A visit that can change your mind and make you more near to Nature. A hidden gems of Thailand Nature can be discovered by visiting this most renounced place - River Kwai, Kanchanaburi. A history of World War II and the nature's paradise is coming together to make your great ...
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shopping à Bangkok !

Worlds Shopping Destination “Bangkok” | Hotel De Bangkok

Visiting to Thailand, Get you first stay at Hotel De Bangkok. The Hotel de Bangkok welcomes you with contemporary French ambience and Thai hospitality and offers you a cozy haven in the lively buzz of Thailand's capital, which is also light on your budget. The boutique hotel is located near ...
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Discover Unseen Thailand on your Thailand Holidays.

Traditional philosophy of Thailand - Life is pleasure. Visit Thailand from metropolitan city like Bangkok to the traditional towns of Kanchanaburi. Traditional towns are so spiritual and calm feeling nature. Overall in Thailand the Buddhist culture is widely seen. Here Visiting temples (wat) is daily parts of life. The Monks ...
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hua hin resorts

Hua Hin | Cha-am – New The Rock Hua Hin (โรงแรมใน หัวหิน / ชะอำ)

Recently The Rock Hua Hin Hotel and Resort is being renovated this year. A very impressive and a kind of delight feeling comes when see its seaside view point. Exclusive rooms with private Jacuzzi villa's and a most decent and modern beach pool connecting to sea is a eye delight ...
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The Legendha Sukhothai Boutique Resort, SUKHOTHAI.

The Legenda SukhoThai Resort - Salted Pool & Jacuzzi. The Legendha Sukhothai Boutique Resort (เดอะ เลเจนด้า สุโขทัย บูติค รีสอร์ท), a gorgeous boutique resort in genuine Thai village style. Landscaped amongst the old town of Sukhothai, town valuable national treasure of historical in Thailand. Only a minutes to 800 years old ancient ...
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Private Pool Villa next to beach @ Koh Yao

The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort (เดอะ พาราไดส์ เกาะยาว บูติค บีช รีสอร์ท), a luxury boutique beach resort is located along the private bay in Koh Yao noi, Phang Nga nearby Phuket and Krabi.                              Enjoy Private ...
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Das kleinste Säugetier der Welt direkt in unserem Vorgarten

Ein Besuch in der Lawa Höhle in Kanchanaburi. Nur wenige Meter vom River Kwai RESOTEL resort in Kanchanaburi befindet sich die Lawa Höhle, das Zuhause der Kitti Fledermaus, die als kleinstes Säugetier der Welt gilt. Die Kitti Fledermaus ist völlig ungefährlich, wiegt ungefähr 2g, wird bis zu 3 cm lang und ...
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Glamping Thailand – The Most Novel Way to Enjoy Nature’s Beauty!

GLAMPING is the new buzzword in the internet world these days. Actually, it is an internet slang made up of two words – Glamorous and Camping. Nowadays, the upcoming trend of glamorous camping experience is known as "glamping" – in which tourists have the desire to spend time in the ...
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Temple 02

A short guide to Songkran Festival activities in Thailand (13-16. April 2013)

Songkran, the Thai Water Festival, is similar to the well known Holi Festival in India. It takes place in the hottest months of the year, April 13.-16., and is a major holiday marking the new year. People cleanse for the new year and wash off the old to approach the ...
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Romantic Hideaway at The Rock Hua Hin Boutique Beach Resort

Experience The Rock Hua Hin and discover the romantic sophistication of Thailand’s most famous beach community. With breathtaking oceanfront views, white sandy beach and personalized service, this luxury boutique hotel offers perfect accommodations in the heart of Hua Hin. Located in the famous Khao Takiab area surrounded by spectacular lush ...
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Far from the madding crowds and get-away from urban, there’s nothing quite like bobbing along Kanchanaburi’s gently flowing river.

The RV River Kwai invites you to experience historic river of Kanchanaburi province west of Bangkok. As the first inland cruise in Thailand to specialize in Thai river cruises, we offer unforgettable adventures on this legendary water. This distinctive cruise ship offers a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, delightful accommodations and ...
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Where the legend begins…

THE LEGENDHA SUKHOTHAI BOUTIQUE RESORT   The Legendha Sukhothai Boutique Resort leads you to depths of relaxation, and offers you an experience of authentic Thai Sukhothai lifestyle. Located in Sukhothai province of Northern, Thailand, where all the legend of Thais begins. Also only a few minutes away from Sukhothai Historical Park – ...
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The Legend Chiang Rai Resort; An endless celebration of life

This grand contemporary Thai Lanna styled resort offers you to depths of relaxation you never know existed and enjoys an excellent location along the Mae Kok River, secluded from Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, yet only a few minutes’ drive from the city centre. The Legend Chiang Rai Resort will lead ...
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Le Charme Sukhothai Resort;From chic and contemporary to timeless and majestic, the resort of historic of Thailand feature amenities and services expected by discerning travelers.

Le Charme Sukhothai Resort;From chic and contemporary to timeless and majestic, the resort of historic of Thailand feature amenities and services expected by discerning travelers. ...
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Exclusive Getaway Experience

LAMPANG RIVER LODGE This Lanna styled resort leads you to depths of relaxation you never know existed located in Lampang province of Northern, Thailand. The perfectly calibrated balance of tranquility and vitality, this is so Lampang, does a fine job of soothing and stimulating the senses. Lampang River Lodge also offers ...
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Casual destination Elegance in Chiang Mai, North Thailand

HMONG HILLTRIBE LODGE Hmong Hilltribe Lodge is a year-round destination in a scenic valley of the Suthep-Pui mountain range, located in the Mae Rim district, north-west of Chiang Mai. You’ll be at the getaway with an elevation of 2,700 feet above mean sea level and the weather at Hmong Hilltribe Lodge ...
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The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort Experience genuine serenity and elegance at The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort. Situated beachfront along the treasure island of Thailand where only an hour from Phuket or Krabi nestled on Koh Yao Noi, in Phang Nga Bay. This luxurious oceanfront resort is an exquisite ...
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River Kwai RESOTEL Always something for everyone

Whether your idea of vacation means relaxation, adventure or a little of both, your search for the ideal nature resort ends with River Kwai RESOTEL. An authentic villa-styled resort located in River Kwai, Kanchanaburi one of Thailand’s most amazing province destinations. It attracts you by its long history, ancient civilizations, ...
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Wild Beauty of Kanchanaburi @ World renowned Floating hotel

River Kwai Jungle Rafts The award-winning specialty lodge on River Kwai in Kanchaniburi, is renowned Floating Hotel in Thailand. Hidden amongst a veritable treasure trove of tropical forest, mountain, and river flowing underneath your bed. Here, just a few hours from Bangkok but you can feel light years away from the ...
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Natural Luxury Tented Camp. Unique Camping Resort at Hellfire Pass

HINTOK RIVER CAMP @HELLFIRE PASS ; Experience starts here… With breathtaking historic river of Kanchanaburi. Hintok River [email protected] Pass is an incredible getaway. This Safari Styled Natural Luxury Tented Camping resort offers an oasis of the comfort with en-suite bathrooms and private verandas and leads you experience our natural spring pool adjoining ...
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Luxury floating resort

Luxury Floating Resort. EASY to GET to…IMPOSSIBLE to FORGET

The FloatHouse River Kwai Resort The FloatHouse River Kwai Resort is a natural luxury floating resort , sits on a magnificent part of River Kwai, Kanchanaburi- one of the world’s most historical rivers.It's long been a heavenly getaway for couples and families. The resort is the perfect place for natural lover ...
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Bangkok; cosmopolitan city with cultural phenomenon, shopping heaven and tourist treasure. Known as City of Life.

Hotel De Bangkok; a boutique and cozy city hotel located right in the heart of Bangkok at Ratchaprarop Road. Providing personalized level accommodation, service and friendly budget. This boutique hotel is conveniently access from Suvarnabhumi, Intenational Bangkok Airport via Airport Rail Link. Several of Bangkok’s main shopping places-Pratunam shopping     ...
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