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The term 'Serenata' is an Italian word denoting the same meaning with 'serenade' in English. Serenata originally refers to a love song sung to a love one. SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group not only represents the romantic sensation with pleasant atmosphere, but also denotes the compound of SERENE NATURE (SERENE plus NATURE) becoming SERENATA. Furthermore, as Serenata is a song, each of our products represents each key note on the music lines indicating distinguish tones. Then, when all the notes are combined, they create a single powerful and beautiful song which represents SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group that obtains the full pleasant atmosphere.


Happiness is what we provide, pure nature is where we are. SERENATA Hotels and Resorts Group owns 15 exclusive hotels & resorts throughout Thailand, all consisting of their own unique features.

The Italian word ‘Serenata’, translated as ‘serenade’ gives voice to the meaning of our company as it represents romantic music, played in the honor of a beloved one. Our distinctive accommodations are reflected through the composition of the song. Musical notes are reaching various tones reflecting the unique character of each of our hotels and resorts. It is a promise that SERENATA Hotels and Resorts will grow and this music pitch will never end but rather keep extending and be even more beautiful song and last eternity.




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